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What we believe about parents:

You are are the primary disciple-makers of your children. When looking at Scripture, we believe that as parents, you have the main responsibility for the discipleship of your children. While we, at Crossroads, will do our best to create an environment that your children love to come and where they are effectively pointed to Jesus in creative ways, we would be missing the point if we didn't focus on equipping you to disciple them at home and every day!

You have more influence than we do. You as parents have around 3,000 hours a year to invest into your kids. At Crossroads we may get 40 hours. While we do not underestimate what God can do through our time with your children, this again shows the importance of you as parents.

You want to be the best parent you can be. You know you aren't perfect. We know you aren't perfect. But at the end of the day, you are trying - or else you probably wouldn't have read this far. God has given you an awesome opportunity to raise His awesome children, and we want to come alongside you to do that.

You are always teaching. This is true whether you are being intentional or not. We want to help you be intentional to teach your kids how to love God, love people, and how to encourage others to do the same.

ways we want to equip you:

Outside of normal adult programming to help you love God, love people, and encourage others to do the same, here are some ways we specifically equip you to be the parents God called you to be.

Parent Resource Library. Check out a parenting book, grab a Parent Guide over a teenage culture topic, or sign up for a free, weekly teen culture email at our Parent Resource Library in the church lobby!

Parent Take-Home Material. In the bottom of the Children's Ministry stairwell we have a couple resources for you to take home to give you ideas to help have conversations with your kids about the same thing we are going through on Sundays and Wednesdays! The Parent Cue is for you as a parent. The GodTimes are for your kids to go through (although we would encourage you to join along)!

RightNow Media. Watch videos and discuss as a family, or find specific parenting videos! It is a great resource!

Kid's Corner in the Bulletin. Every week on the back of the bulletin you can see the monthly theme, monthly verse, and weekly bottom line of what the Children's Ministry is currently going through! There is also suggestions of things you can do at home to continue the conversation!

Parent Roundtable. Every year we have an evening of more intensive parent training over a specific topic.