Programming Times:
Youth Group: Wednesday Evenings from 7-8.15pm
Digging Deeper: Sunday Mornings from 9-9.50am
Main Worship:  Sunday Mornings from 10-11.15am
Who We Are.
We are a group of 6th-12th grade students that are trying find and follow Jesus. Because Jesus raised from the dead. And that is a big deal.
What We Do.
We help students find and follow Jesus so that they may be rescued and transformed into disciples who love and live like him.  When we meet on Wednesday nights at 7 for our main program, Sunday mornings at 9 for a more in depth look, or through different events throughout the year we focus on setting students up to find and follow Jesus.
Why We Do It.
Why is this our mission? Because God makes it clear through Scripture that this is what He wants.
And because students need it.
Students will face heartbreak and brokenness and Jesus is the only one who can truly heal. Students will face success in high school and therefore set their hope upon something that can be swiped from them in a moment by a stock market crash, a breakup, or a torn ACL, but the love of God cannot be swiped from them. All of us – and hopefully not soon – will face death at some point and when that happens grades, relationships, trophies, jobs, degrees, nor bank accounts will be beneficial – but the grace that comes from Jesus’ death and resurrection will mean eternal life. While what the world has to offer can perish, spoil, and fade God is interested in bringing His children back home for eternity.
So we want to help students find Jesus because we believe that it is the best thing that we could ever do for them. No matter how far a student feels away, no matter what a student may have done – God wants them home. And God is using us to help point them towards Jesus so they can truly be home.
But God doesn’t only want them home – he also wants them to be restored and transformed into the people that He has created them to be! He wants students to start experiencing true life in Him and start being restored now! Jesus has invited all students to follow him, to be transformed into a new creation, and to join him on the mission of sharing the good news of hope to the rest of the world.
So we want to help students find and follow Jesus in order that they might be rescued and transformed into disciples who love and live like him. If you are a student yourself – we would love to meet you! If you are a parent we would love to partner with you!
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