Crossroads Youth
The Bible talks about parents being responsible for the discipleship of their kids (Deut. 6). As the youth minister, I want to assist you in that. I will spend a couple of hours a week with your children and you will spend a lot more with them. So I want to keep open communication with you so you know what is going on in the youth ministry, and so I can listen to how I can better help your students find and follow Jesus as well as help you help your students find and follow Jesus. Please email, text, call or stop in the church on Mondays or Wednesdays if there is anything I can do for you.
Below you will find a handful of resources that will help us stay in contact, you updated, and you equipped to disciple your students at home.
Text Alerts!
Click the following images or follow the directions in order to sign up for text alerts and reminders.
You will be reminded of youth group times, events, cancellations, etc. I highly encouragthis if you have a child participating in our ministry. This is my main communication with you.
Weekly Teenage Culture Email
This is a resource I cannot recommend enough. Axis is a Christian organization based out of California that wants to help resource parents so that they can engage in real conversations with their teenagers in their effort of discipling them. One resource Axis offers is a (free) weekly email called “The Culture Translator.” This email gives you the top things you need to know about in teen culture that week. What is the new Netflix series phenomenon? What is it teaching your kids? Should they be watching it? What questions can I ask them about this show that will be a springboard to talk about more meaningful things? It does this with movies, songs, celebrities, social media, new technology and more. I use it and consider it a valuable resource as a youth minister and think that you should too!
Click the picture in order to be directed to a page that allows you to sign up for this free resource.
RightNow Media
This is a great resource that our church pays for so that all of its members, including you, can use it for free. It is pretty 
much a Netflix for Christian resources. Watch conferences, lectures, and videos on parenting, marriage, spiritual growth, and Scripture for you, your teens, and your kids from great authors, preachers and speakers from across the world. Some titles include “Parenting in a Sexualized Culture,” “Winning at Work and Home,” and “Christian Marriage in Today’s World.” I’d invite you to at least surf around for a while on here, because there is loads of stuff that I believe will help you in your walk with Christ as well as your role as a Christian spouse and/or parent.
Click on the top image if you’ve never signed up and the bottom image if you already have.
Social Media
Social Media is a great way to stay up to date with events, youth group times, as well as to see pictures of what we have done. Not only that, but we will try to use social media to 
help your students find and follow Jesus throughout the week by 
posting Scriptures, devotionals, and other things to help.
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