Jake Stivers

Senior Minister

Jake is originally from the area, graduating from Quapaw  and has lived around the area for the majority of his life. He is married to his wife Tabitha and has three children his step-son Hunter, and two daughters, Addyson Grace, and Amelia Faith.
Jake believes strongly in God and family.  He was raised in the country and is an avid outdoors-man.  Jake worked in tire sales and construction until God laid it on his heart to become a minister and since then he has eagerly pursued God’s plan for his life.  As a minister, Jake believes he should lead by serving first, to preach Gospel to all, and to help people to follow Jesus closer by example. Jake thoroughly enjoys caring for God’s Church and being actively involved at Crossroads. He has very much enjoyed becoming a part of Crossroads and is very excited to be here. Jake has an open door policy and invites you to come by his office, call or text him, or drop him an email. He looks forward to getting to know you more. Jake can be reached via email at jakestivers@cr4him.org
Dylan Austin

Worship Minister

15441-3Dylan is an Ozark grad with degrees in Church Music and in Worship. He has a passion for loving people and leading our congregation to the throne through praise and worship. Born in California, Dylan has experienced quite a journey before coming to the Mid West and has served on many praise teams along the way in places such as Idaho, Utah, Missouri, Oklahoma, and more. Dylan loves talking about the latest guitar gear and spending time with friends. If you have a heart for worship leading through music, art, or technology and are interested in serving with a praise team community, Dylan’s the guy to talk to! Dylan can be reached via email at dylanaustin@cr4him.org
Cameron Woodring

Youth Minister

Engagement Church WebsiteCameron grew up with his family right around the corner in Fort Scott, Kansas. He loves to play basketball, hang out with friends and do pretty much anything that is active. He married Chelsea in December of 2015 and graduated from Ozark Christian College in the spring of 2016 with a degree in Christian Ministry and major in youth ministry. Why youth ministry? Raised in the church by God-fearing parents, a youth minister poured into him and challenged him to really know what it means to live as a follower of Christ and to actually do it. He wants to do the same for your students now. He sees Jr. High and Sr. High students who want to know that they are loved, who want to know that they belong and deep down want to know they have a purpose in life. He wants each of them to know that those are all fulfilled in Christ!  Being a follower of Christ is not boring, its actually a joyous adventure every day. Contact him anytime and he would love to meet you and your student! Cameron can be reached via email at cameronwoodring@cr4him.org
Candice Anderson

Children’s Minister

candice bio pictureCandice Anderson is our Children’s Minister. She is married to Rusty Anderson and has two daughters Hailey and Josi. Candice and her husband Rusty have served in our Upward Basketball program for the last four years. Her favorite things are spending time with her family riding bikes, going for walks, playing games, and watching movies. Candice is passionate about serving kids and their families and teaching them about the love of Jesus Christ. Candice can be reached via email at candiceanderson@cr4him.org
Take a few minutes to read over our beliefs. It will help you to get a better understanding of our church.
The Bible is God’s Word to all people, written by human authors under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living.
2 Timothy 3:16-17 • 2 Peter 1:20-21 • Psalm 119:105, 160
God is the creator and ruler of the universe. He eternally exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are co-equal and therefore, are one God.
Genesis 1:1, 26-27 • Psalm 90:2 • John 1:1-3,14 • Acts 5:3-4
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, yet he is co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus lived a sinless life and offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on the cross. He arose from the dead after three days to demonstrate his power over sin and death. He ascended to heaven’s glory and one day will return to earth to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
John 1:1-5 • Matthew 16:16-17 • John 3:16 • Acts 1:10-11 • 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and Jesus as God. He is present in the world to make us aware of our need for Jesus Christ. He lives in every believer from the moment of salvation. He provides Christians with power for living, understanding of spiritual truth, guidance to do what is right, and gifts to use in ministry. We seek to live under his direction daily.
John 14:26 • John 16:7-14 • Ephesians 1:13-14 • Acts 1:8 • Galatians 5:22-25
People are the supreme object of God’s creation, created in his image to have a loving relationship with him. However, we have all chosen to disobey God, rebel against him and go our own way. The Bible calls this sin. The result of this sin is that we are alienated from God. The effects of this fall from our intended relationship with God can be reversed through faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins.
Romans 3:23 • Romans 6:23 • John 3:16
We believe the Bible teaches that salvation – the forgiveness of sins – is only by grace through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Matthew 26:28 • Romans 5:9 • Ephesians 2:8-9 • 1 Peter 1:18-19 • 1 John 1:7
We believe the Bible teaches that one receives God’s grace by putting faith in Christ, repenting of sin, confessing Christ and being immersed into Christ.
Romans 5:1-2 • Luke 24:45-47 • Acts 3:19, 17:30 • 2 Peter 3:9 • Matthew 10:32
Romans 10:9 • Philippians 2:11 • 1 John 4:15 • Acts 2:38-41 • Romans 6:1-7
Colossians 2:12 • 1 Peter 3:21